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Front-end development of the “Foundation Loan Diagnosis Service”, a service that accesses the conditions of a start-up loan

Introducing the successful partnership of GAOGAO and INQ Co. Ltd. GAOGAO was in charge of the design and front-end development of the "Foundation Loan Diagnosis Service".

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Start-up loan assessment service

GAOGAO’s responsibilities

GAOGAO was in charge of service site data design, UI design, front-end development, and testing.

Project Details

This is a service that allows you to easily assess the probability of meeting the criteria of a start-up loan and the amount of money for a start-up. Start-up loans, as the name suggests, are for start-up companies. For start-ups, there are many difficulties when trying to decide the period and conditions of a loan. It is unclear what and how to prepare to be able to receive a loan, or what the current loan possibilities are. As such, there were many cases where start-ups were not able to get loans readily.

This diagnostic service provided by INQ, which is also an administrative scrivener (an administrative scrivener is an entity in Japan dealing with legal issues) corporation, comprehensively diagnoses the points that are important in business start-up financing. It eliminates the need for conventional complicated document input and long face-to-face interviews, and provides a simple input, smooth user experience and accurate diagnosis results.

Origin of GAOGAO’s involvement

Mr. Tejima, Co-founder of GAOGAO, himself is an entrepreneur, has an entrepreneurial mindset, and was a user who raised funds with debt (loans), so he understood the difficulties faced by our target entrepreneurs and ventures.  From the development consultation stage, not only was GAOGAO quick to respond but GAOGAO members also had a high degree of knowledge on the topics and problems presented because of the understanding of the balance between INQ’s main business and development.

GAOGAO’s impact on the project

The existing team did not have any engineers or product managers so INQ integrated their business team with GAOGAO’s members. They finalised the requirements of the web application during the definition stage and worked together seamlessly during development. The INQ team members were able to make suggestions about functions and UI/UX, and were able to make better judgements of front-end designs through discussions with GAOGAO.

Advantages of outsourcing development to GAOGAO by the CEO

Strong technical and communication skills are a big plus. However, I am glad that we asked GAOGAO to not only provide engineering resources, but also to have fun together, or to be involved with the feeling of creating a good product.


This was an example of a design plus front-end development project by GAOGAO at INQ CO. Ltd. GAOGAO actively provides development support to companies that want to create a development team or want to globalize their organization through the formation of a development team.

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