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Front-end development of Auris: a service that automatically transcribes and translates video subtitles using AI

Introducing the successful partnership of GAOGAO and AI Communis Pte Ltd. GAOGAO was in charge of front-end development for AI automatic translation service "Auris" started by AI Communis Pte Ltd.

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AI Communis

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GAOGAO’s responsibilities

Front-end development

The project started development in July 2021 and several GAOGAO members participated throughout the 0 → 1 launch phase. GAOGAO’s strengths are proposal-based agile development and component-oriented front-end development with TypeScript/React. By combining the two, we achieved speed and quality for the product launch and a system that is easy to upgrade.

Project details

Auris is a service which transcribes and translates subtitles. It utilizes the world’s most advanced speech recognition and natural language processing technology to provide native-level translated subtitles in a user’s local language. They can do this in half the delivery time of conventional services.

Since its launch in November 2021, it has been used by over 100,000 (as of November 2022) people. Users range from students to companies and they come from over 110 countries around the world, including India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, and the United States. Collaboration with multiple domestic MCNs (multi-channel networks) has also begun.

In addition, they currently support translation in 18 languages (as of December 2022), and you can request any language at a low cost of 1,500 yen (approx. USD$11) per minute of video length. Since the start of the pilot service in October 2022, it has been widely used by companies, as well as content creators such as Youtubers.

CEO’s message

Mr.  Nobuhiko Suzuki, Co-founder & CEO of AI Communis Pte Ltd, gave us a comment on the background of the request to GAOGAO and co-creation with GAOGAO.

GAOGAOさん、いつも本当にありがとうございます。#GAOGAO @tejitak @masumi_sugae

— Nobuhiko Suzuki (@nobu_ai_com) November 20, 2022

Translation: A strong FE engineer has participated (in our development). Together we will take Auris to the next level and work hard to deliver an even smoother experience to our users.
Thank you very much, GAOGAO-san.

Origin of GAOGAO’s involvement

Mr. Tejima, Co-founder of GAOGAO, and Mr. Suzuki met each other at a startup accelerator program (operated by 500Global) in Singapore and at that time, Mr. Suzuki did not have expertise in software development. When AI Communis was awarded with a Singapore government support scheme, the first company that Mr. Suzuki contacted was GAOGAO, to build the prototype of Auris.

Advantages of outsourcing development to GAOGAO by the CEO

Mr. Nobuhiko recommends GAOGAO to managers and business who are in this situation:

  1. You come from a business background and have come up with a business idea, but you don’t know who to consult when it comes to making a prototype
  2. You have talked to engineers in the past, but they used complicated terminology and you did not really understand them
  3. The prototype has gained traction and now needs software that can be scaled
  4. You need an engineer who will work closely through the arduous journey of creating a product from 0 to 1


This was an example of one front-end development project by GAOGAO at AI Communis Pte Ltd. GAOGAO actively provides development support to companies that want to create a development team or want to globalize their organization through the formation of a development team.

If you are interested, please send a DM to the official GAOGAO Twitter account!