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Event Report – Blockchain Technology Event “Blockchain.connect()” hosted by GAOGAO


Starting from the end of 2021, GAOGAO provided start-up business consulting and product development support for companies in the Web3 and Blockchain space. In Singapore, GAOGAO’s HQ, as COVID-19 restrictions were gradually relaxing, events of up to 30 people were allowed to be held. Thus, on Friday April 15, we jointly held a Blockchain Meetup event “Blockchainn.connect()” together with One&Co, a co-working space operated by JR East Co.

The Inaugural “Blockchain.connect() Meetup!”

More than 130 people joined the online community and over 50 people registered for the live event Unfortunately the venue’s capacity limited the number of participants to 20 people.


The purpose of holding Blockchain.connect() was two-fold:
i) To establish relationships among members who are interested in Web3 and Blockchain, the technology empowering the former.
ii) To share knowledge by having presenters show their case studies.

The moderator for this event was Mr. Lim Chee Keen, an employee of GAOGAO’s Singapore HQ, who was also one of the three speakers lined up.

Talk 1: “Technical Introduction to Smart Contracts” by CK Lim (GAOGAO)

This was an introductory explanation of Smart Contract technology.

The advantages of Smart Contracts are that they are decentralized and transparent. On the other hand, the disadvantages include high cost, speed of validating a transaction and lack of libraries and other resources because it is still a new technology.

Smart Contracts are written in Solidity and the compiler will output the Contract bytecode and Application Binary Interface (ABI). The Bytecode is deployed to the Blockchain network while the ABI serves as a way to communicate between the Bytecode and the Front-end.

Solidity source code is similar to object-oriented languages such as JavaScript. After deployment, communication with the Contract is done by calling methods within the Contract ‘class’.

There is a mechanism called a Provider that abstracts away the operations of the Smart Contract. The Provider allows the client to read and write without needing the huge amount of data on the Blockchain nodes.

Solidity source code was displayed on screen and explained.


Talk 2: “How we developed Singapore’s first DApp (OpenCerts) to issue transcripts and degree on Blockchain.” by Sumit Chaudhari (Connected Freight)

OpenCerts is a project that issues transcripts and degree certificates for universities, institutions, etc. OpenCerts is built using React, Web3.js, and Solidity.

URL for OpenCerts service

Users can upload an OpenCerts certificate file to check if it is legitimate. The service has been used by many universities and institutions in Singapore and overseas.

The way to issue a document with OpenCerts is to create a JSON file representing the document and record it in the Blockchain by a wrapping method.

The speaker explained the logic to generate a hash for checking that the document has not been tampered with.

Talk 3: Carb0n.fi by BreeAnn Yek (CEO of Carb0n.fi)

Carb0n.fi is a project about environment conservation. The idea behind the launch was to give incentives to people who help protect the environment by issuing Carbon Credits that live on the Blockchain.

Carb0n.fi website URL

Carb0n.fi’s white paper

The tokens are minted on the Polygon sidechain because it offers lower Gas fees than the main chain. The $ZRO token holder gets governance rights. They can also purchase Carbon offsets, which are created based on reductions, at a discount; Carbon offsets are offered as NFTs in limited numbers.

You can deposit crypto assets and receive rewards.

The speaker, BreeAnee, will be attending a Blockchain event ETHAmsterdam in Amsterdam this month.

After Party

After the presentations and questions, participants gathered in the common space of One&Co’s lounge area to mingle and connect. The participants were highly enthusiastic and found themselves talking for more than an hour.

There were many requests for the next event, and GAOGAO will plan to host the next event soon.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

Co-sponsored by Coworking Space One&Co

Blockchain.connect() is co-hosted by GAOGAO and One&Co, a co-working space in Singapore operated by JR.

One&Co is located in Tanjong Pagar, in the heart of Singapore, and is a space where many companies gather to work and people to interact. Thank you for providing the venue for this event!

One&Co’s website

About the next event

The specific date has not yet been confirmed, but we will hold our second event in the next 1-2 months.
Please become a member at the following page and stay tuned for the next event announcement.

Blockchain.connect() Meetup Group

We are looking for speakers for the next Blockchain.connect()!

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